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speaking dictionary translator TRANO* Multilingual Language Learning Smart Phones & Tablets

- Frequently Asked Questions about TRANO translator -

(Q) - How does your TRANO* product work?
   - type any word, sentence or text in your preferred language for translation
   - press "ENTER" and it translates back to you
   - press the "SPEAKER" key to hear the pronunciation when you need

 (Q) - How does your products compare to other electronic translators?
   - TRANO* can translate any text, sentences & phrases - not only single words..
   - TRANO* display Asian, Middle East and Slavic languages in both:
     native letters and English phonetic..
   - each model has built in Oxford English-English dictionary 330.000 words in..
 (Q) Can we get discount if we already purchased TRANO translator before?
    - Yes, $10-$30 depending on what new model you want to buy..
 (Q) - Where can we buy your products?
   - TRANO* products are available online TAX FREE on www.trano.com
     and other partners and dealers web sites..
   - TRANO* products are available on Amazon
   and many dealers websites..

 (Q) - What is the difference between T-33 and T-88 model ?
    - the difference between T-33 and T-88 model
      is the type of batteries and the type screen in each model..
    - T-33 has regular none color screen and is powered by regular
      AAA batteries [available in 7/11 type of stores / any country]
    - T-88 has color touch screen and rechargeable
      lithium battery [BL-5C - same as Nokia mobile phone]..

 (Q) - What is the difference between T-33, T-88 and D-33, D-88 models?
the difference between T-88 and D-88
       T-88 - text translator and dictionary
       D-88 - dictionary and phrase book [will not translate text..ext]

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