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V98 - Language Card
Arabic. English. Indonesian. Chinese. Japanese. Korean. Hindi. Tamil
Converts any Android Tablet & Smart Phone to powerful OFFLINE Language Teacher !
Expandable Text Translator Talking Dictionary Phrase Book Grammar Lessons !
No Internet Connection Needed !

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Android language card  Convenient
Just Insert the Language Card into the MSD Card slot of your
Android phone or Android tablet.

NO Internet Needed
You can use all the applications any where, any time.
Android language card
Talking Sentence & Text Translator

 Arabic. English. Indonesian. Chinese. Japanese. Korean. Hindi. Tamil

the user can translate 2 way [vice versa] any 2 selected language pair..
[words, text, sentences, phrases]
Professional Dictionaries
Built in large number of dictionaries at each of languages.
Each product comes with preinstalled English English_text_translator English
dictionaries - 530,000 words - 1.500.000 translations...
English Grammar, Verb Conjugation, TOEFL, SAT, English tests are built in every product..
Grammar & Verb Conjugation software will be built also for each other language
depending on the order..
Pronunciation of all words and phrases - Real Human voice
the Voice recognition Speech translator is another powerful future..!
Language Learning Applications
Teach you how to pronounce and write. Implement various learning techniques that help you to learn easier and more efficient for large number of vocabulary, basic expressions or phrases

- For those who is learning foreign languages.
- For those who don't know foreign languages well and need to communicate abroad.
- For those who travel a lot.
- For those who love foreign languages and foreign culture. 
User Screen [Interface]: Arabic. English. Indonesian. Chinese. Japanese. Korean. Hindi. Tamil
 • fast search function - user can input any phrases or examples,
   keywords or words, easy to locate a word of phrase which is needed at the moment.
 • Lookup and Cross Search any words, keywords or phrases in the different dictionaries.
 • User Dictionary contains Add New Words, Favorite and History.

Language Input: Arabic. English. Indonesian. Chinese. Japanese. Korean. Hindi. Tamil
         • How does the product work?
  English-text-translator type in a word (text) in your preferred language for Translation..
  English-text-translator press "ENTER" and it translates back to you..
  English-text-translator select the word (text) and press "SPEAKER" to hear the pronunciation...
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V98 - Language Card
Special Price $99.95 $US [$10 discount included]
speaking-dictionary talking dictionary
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